Environmental Compliance and Reporting

Environmental reporting is required under many different circumstances which have legal or voluntary drivers. One-off environmental reports may be required by investors prior to contract negotiations, for insurance purposes or as part of property transactions. Specific environmental reports including air quality, groundwater or noise nuisance studies may be sought as part of a planning application, or to strengthen an objection to Planning.  Large developments require complex Environmental Impact Studies to be completed as part of their Planning Application.  These are lengthy and detailed studies, often requiring the project management of many technical disciplines.

Many operations require environmental licences or permits from Local Authorities or the EPA, including waste permits, effluent discharge licences or EPA licences. In 2013 the Industrial Emissions Directive 2010, was transposed into Irish law and has resulted in the EPA introducing a three- licence system (IED licence, Waste Licence, IPC Licence). The new IED licences contain more stringent requirements for emission control to be demonstrated by operators (Best Available Techniques), soil and groundwater baseline reports, and Environmental Management Plans.

Apart from legally required environmental reporting, companies are now choosing to report on Corporate Sustainability and carbon management through various international initiatives such as the Global Reporting Initiative and The Carbon Disclosure Project as well as international standards for Environmental Management Systems. 

Flannery Nagel Environmental can manage and progress all of the required studies or compliance reports, from licence applications, through to annual returns for submission to permitting authorities and voluntary sustainability initiatives. We can streamline and add efficiencies to the reporting process.  As consultants we have offered complete compliance reporting to many public and private sector clients, assistance to regulators and support to voluntary sustainability programmes.

Services include:

  • Environmental studies and monitoring including air quality assessments, noise nuisance investigations, odour assessments and waste assessments
  • Managing Environmental Impact Studies
  • IED, IPC, Waste Licence/ Permit Applications
  • Annual Environmental Reports (AER), Pollution Release & Transfer Registers (PRTR)
  • Managing monitoring surveys and Incident reporting
  • Stakeholder Communication   
  • Licence audits and  gap-analysis identifying site specific implications of the IED
  • Identification of abatement/ mitigation measures that need to be improved to meet BAT
  • Developing tailor made Environmental Management Systems
  • Sustainability Reporting and Corporate Disclosure

Contact: Elisabeth Nagel 086 3536505 or Kara Flannery 086 8314603 

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