Expert Witness

Expert Witness services may be required during the process of a Planning or EPA licence applications, where a challenge to a planned development may lead to an Oral Hearing with An Bord Plean├íla or the EPA.  In addition, the services of environmental experts are required in court proceedings, either as part of a pollution incident defence, or in a prosecution for environmental damage.  Even where claims may eventually be settled out of court, either party to a claim often requires an environmental assessment to be carried out, in order to furnish a professional report and expert statement on a particular matter.

Flannery Nagel Environmental have court room and Oral Hearing experience.  We have programme managed legal and technical teams in preparation for An Bord Plean├íla Oral Hearings.   This requires thorough planning, concise communication and transparent timeline adherence to meet procedural and legal requirements. We have drafted and reviewed expert witness statements, and have presented as expert witness in our own technical area (Environmental Noise / Environmental Compliance).

Services include:

  • Programme management of technical experts and legal teams
  • Identification of environmental specialists from our associates for technical witness statements/ reports
  • Drafting and review of Expert Witness statements

Provision of acoustics and environmental compliance expertise for court cases


Contact: Elisabeth Nagel 086 3536505

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